Engine Parameters

This is a list of Stockfish engine parameters and their explanations.

Write Debug Log Boolean, Default: False
Whether or not to write a debug log.

Contempt Integer, Default: 0, Min: -100, Max: 100
Roughly equivalent to "optimism." Positive values of contempt favor more "risky" play, while negative values will favor draws. Zero is neutral.

Min Split Depth Integer, Default: 0, Min: 0, Max: 12

Threads Integer, Default: 1, Min: 1, Max: 128
The number of threads to use during the search. This number should be set to the number of cores in your CPU.

Hash Integer, Default: 16, Min: 1, Max: 1048576
The amount of memory to use for the hash during search, specified in MB (megabytes). This number should be smaller than the amount of physical memory for your system.

Ponder Boolean, Default: True
Whether or not the engine should analyze when it is the opponent's turn.

MultiPV Integer, Default: 1, Min: 1, Max: 500
The number of alternate lines of analysis to display. Specify 1 to just get the best line. Asking for more lines slows down the search.

Skill Level Integer, Default: 20, Min: 0, Max: 20
How well you want Stockfish to play. At level 0, Stockfish will make dumb moves. Level 20 is best/strongest play.

Move Overhead Integer, Default: 30, Min: 0, Max:5000

Minimum Thinking Time Integer, Default: 20, Min: 0, Max: 5000
The minimum amount of time to analyze, in milliseconds.

Slow Mover Integer, Default: 70, Min: 10, Max: 1000

UCI_Chess960 Boolean, Default: False
Whether or not Stockfish should play using Chess 960 mode. Chess 960 is a chess variant where the back ranks are scrambled.

SyzygyPath String, Default: empty
The path to the Syzygy endgame tablebases.

SyzygyProbeDepth Integer, Default: 1, Min: 1, Max: 100

Syzygy50MoveRule Boolean, Default: true

SyzygyProbeLimit Integer, Default: 6, Min: 0, Max: 6